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Social Value Manager 1.0

This White Paper is an initiative to explore, establish, and embrace the emerging job role of social value managers and similar roles at the heart of impact creation and social value delivery of organisations. This White Paper has been co-created, with over 150 organisations and individuals partaking in our research and giving us insights.
We wanted to give social value professionals a voice to express their needs, challenges and biggest wins at work. We also truly hope this encourages all social value professionals out there to continue their pioneering in the field and know that they are not alone with their challenges or their desires.
This 4th white paper demonstrates our continuous mission is to be part of and shape the exciting social value community and our desire to leave a sustainable legacy through enhancing cross-sector collaboration and building digital tools for increased efficiency for value delivery.

Enhancing Impact: Bridging the gap Between Companies & Local Authorities in the Implementation of the Social Value Act Enhancement, PPN 06/20

This white paper outlines the main challenges that local authorities and companies face in reaching the requirements of Procurement Policy Note 06/20 and proposed solutions based on our extensive research. The paper is broken down into four sections:
  • Clear Social Value Goals
  • Creating and Bidding for Tenders
  • Challenges of Creating Social Value Locally
  • Monitoring and Reporting on Social Value

The Real Impact of the Social Value Act Enhancement & the Path Towards a Sustainable Future

9 months after the Social Value Act Enhancement PPN 06/20, we wanted to find out how much has really changed. In this white paper you can find:
  • Our thoughts on the connection between the UN Sustainable Development goals, UK government’s new Social Value Act Enhancement and the Social Return on Investment leading to Return on Investment cycle.
  • Findings from our research, surveys and interviews with social impact organisations, companies and government officials across the UK
  • Challenges, opportunities and solutions for a unified path towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Enabling Impact Creation:
Rethinking private and
third sector interaction

  • Our thoughts on the changes needed to create positive systemic change of the collaboration between the private and third sector
  • Our findings from our extensive research
  • Recommendations to improve collaboration between companies, charities, social enterprises and grant makers
  • Solution to reach the UN Sustainability Development Goals by 2030

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